4 SIMPLE Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar is So Amazing

You might have heard of something called apple cider vinegar. You might have not. You might decided to try this amazing elixir. Or you might have not. No matter what though, you should be consuming more of this stuff. Why? Because it’s super-duper healthy and I could quite literally go on about it’s benefits for hours on end, it’s just that amazing. But what is apple cider vinegar? What’s in it that makes it so good? And what are these health benefits that I say I could ramble on about for hours and hours.

Well, before we do that, let me tell what apple cider vinegar is, plus how it’s made. First, you take some pressed apple juice and you ferment it for a bit, this then turns the sugars inside the juice into just pure vinegar. Thus creating apple cider (juice) vinegar.

Here are 4 reasons why I keep apple cider vinegar in my house and you should be keeping it in your’s.

#1 Gets rid of bad breath:

Everyone’s had it at some point. Millions of people have it right now. In the morning literally almost everyone has it. It’s everybody’s favorite, halitosis! Or bad breath, as it is more commonly known as. It’s embarrassing, common and fortunately can be cured by simply gargling with some apple cider vinegar, or sipping on a teaspoon of the stuff.

#2 Takes a huge stand in preventing diabetes:

There have actually been multiple different studies that have shown us the direct correlation between people consuming apple cider vinegar and lowering their blood sugar levels. In fact, in some instances the study participants that took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before they went to bed actually caused their blood sugar to slope downwards by 4 to 6 percent by the time they woke up from sleeping.

#3 Detoxifies your entire body:

Apple cider vinegar can help detox your home, but it can also detox your body. It can help promote circulation and detoxify the liver. The acid in ACV can also bind to toxins which can assist in removing toxins from the body. Apple cider vinegar’s potassium content helps to break up mucus in the body and clearing the lymph nodes. This also aids in the removal of toxins. Add apple cider into your diet and check out these other ways to detox.

#4 Gives you a ton more energy:

Ditch those bottled energy drinks! (You know they’re really not good for you.) If you’re hitting a slump, try mixing up a natural booster—one that includes apple cider vinegar, which contains potassium and enzymes. Those health boosters may help rocket you into a higher gear. Try simply mixing it together with water (2 teaspoons ACV per 2 cups of water), and add some honey if you want a little hint of sweetness.

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