Pistachios Are SUPER Amazing! Here’s Why You Need To Eat Them More Often

Pistachios! Little green nuts with little white-ish shells.

They’re quite popular in the United States, but perhaps not as popular as they should be. They should be world-renowned for their incredibly healthy qualities, instead they often seem to be seen as that green nut that you eat when you find them, or when someone else offers them to you, but never actually buy for yourself.

Seriously, pistachios might just be one of the very most under appreciated foods (definitely nuts) out there and today I’m here to show you and everyone else just how amazing pistachios can be, all the health benefits they provide and different ways your body uses them to make you feel better.

And now, without further ado, here are the 4 health benefits for pistachios that you were promise, we promise, they’re only some of many.

1: They Help Your Heart Stay Healthier

First off on our list are the heart health benefits that pistachios contain. First off, and this is something you may have heard about before, they reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol as well a increasing good (HDL) cholesterol, at the same time. If that’s not super-healthy for your heart, then I don’t know what is. Also, another great thing about pistachios is that you don’t need to force-feed yourself 80 tons of them to get all the amazing benefits, just a few handfuls throughout the day and be feeling better in no time.

2: They Help Fortify Your Blood With The Proteins/Vitamins That it Needs

Vitamin B6! Yay! A vitamin that we all need, that many foods have, but very few foods have enough. Pistachios have plenty of B6, yet another benefit you get when you eat these nuts. Why is Vitamin B6 so important? Because it helps make something called hemoglobin, a protein whose #1 job is to take oxygen, carry it and then deliver it to cells. That’s a pretty important job and it needs ALL the help it can get.

3: Increase the Health Of Your Nervous System

What can I say, Vitamin B6 isn’t only good for your blood, it helps boost your nervous system. The messaging molecules in your nervous system need amino acids in order for them to develop and B6 can help create tons of those amino acids that they need.

4: Substitute For Carrots?

Now, I know what your thinking… Carrots? What? How can a nut be related to a long orange vegetable? Well, I’ll tell you, remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you that carrots helped your eyesight? Yeah, well, that’s actually completely true, carrots will also improve a multitude of other things, along with your eyesight. What makes carrots so good for you though? Carotenoids! These little guys hang around in several vegetable, but do you know where you rarely find them? Nuts! Pistachios are the exception for this, contain two carotenoids. Besides improving eyesight, containing tons of amazing antioxidants and also tasting great, pistachios also fight things like wrinkles, cancer, heart disease and blindness. Wow…

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