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Breast Cancer Miracle Recovery

breast cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Survivor.
Miracle Recovery from Terminal Breast Cancer

Holistic Breast Cancer Treatment Center to Thank

Jen Faulisi’s birthday was just on March 1st and at 35 years old is too young to be so sick. Jen has found herself in a situation many have and, with stage 4 breast cancer, her life was fading away. She was too sick to work and with mounting bills was bouncing around from place to place with anyone that would let her stay.

Jen found her way to a alternative cancer hospital in Baja Mexico that utilizes the Gerson Diet, just four weeks ago. Her Breast cancer had gotten so bad and excruciating that one breast was swollen and on fire with countless tumors that had eaten away the nipple. Her tumors were traveling to her other breast, to her neck, the cancer ate it’s way into her spine and lymph nodes too. Jen was unable to walk (bedridden), couldn’t care for herself and it was later found out that the cancer had eaten holes in her bones. Her body was being taken over with sickness and she was looking at certain death.

In only four weeks at the center, Jen’s recovery is amazing. She’s seeing positive results with everything and starting to claim her life back. Her breast has shrunk two-thirds and she’s started smiling again. The crippling depression has cleared because she’s now up and walking with the aid of a walker and the doctor has assured that her bone WILL regrow. Jens story is truly Miraculous. The Center put Jen on a special vegan diet, hourly juicing program, enemas and other therapies that have made her recovery possible.

Breast Cancer Holistic Treatments.All of this was possible thanks to donations from friends and family. Her initial stay was only going to be three weeks but because of the love and kindness of others the donations kept coming in and she has enough to stay for five weeks. It’s amazingly humbling to have to look to the kindness others. Asking others for donations to help you stay alive isn’t easy but she’s those extra weeks make all the difference in the world as she progresses and improves each day. Jen’s family, friends and all with a kind heart know she needs longer and are pushing for a sixth week.

Jen is nearly $1500 there already ($6,000 for the sixth week) from kind donations that have been coming in over the last two days. In the UK (4000 miles away) a benefit was held in honor of facebook friends from the United Kingdom and it’s been truly remarkable how strangers and friends near and far are coming together to help Jen’s dear soul thrive and heal.

Jen is a kind-hearted person that loves animals, is a talented artist, photographer and baker. She makes an amazing raw vegan Italian chocolate meatball cookie. It’s a treat she loves to make for others and it’s a version of a recipe her late Grandmother use to make.

Sadly, Jen lost her Grandmother and mother very recently to breast cancer. The loss has been very difficult for Jen as her mother and grandmother were a huge source of emotional support and nearly her only family.

Jen’s family suffered as a whole with her mother and grandmother and had to sit by and witness 13 years of endless chemo and radiation. Watching her loved one’s “age” 40 years after a couple of weeks of chemo wasn’t something she wanted to go through. Her loved one’s were the sickest they’ve ever been during this time which crippled their way of life and the quality of their lives all for nothing as the cancer eventually killed them.

Jen wanted to use holistic therapies and vegan diet to help her get better. At the Baja Center, she has the VERY BEST of cutting edge holistic therapies to help her heal.

Jen’s physician, Dr. Rogers, recently confessed that her cancer was far worse than she had thought and she was “very near death”. Jen’s support group were holding their breath wondering if she would make the flight to the center in mexico but, with the prayers of her friends and family, God was on her side.Breast Cancer Survivor thanks to Holistic Treatments.

She’s been getting better and better since her arrival and feeling very empowered, gaining in confidence and independence.

Jen keeps everyone posted and has her latest video posted up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDTkebMJQTs&feature=youtu.be. You can compare this to one of her first videos up here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdwqjsa5o3s

Her story is filled with many trials and tribulations and she’s faced many harships that have touched many supporters around the word. Jen’s journey has certainly warmed the hearts of all those that have supported her around the world and there’s nothing better than to see someone that’s been dealt such a hard hand in life grow and get better each and every week.

If this story of Jen has touched you, the way it has touched and moved many others, you could pitch in and help her continue her healing journey.

You can visit this page right here and do just that: www.paypal.me/jenjourney or www.gofundme.com/jenjourney

Donate and follow Jen’s Journey and, if you do end up donating, God bless you for everything and God bless you for taking the time to read this article.


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