How To Protect Your Child From Allergies

New research recently done in Sweden has found a link between eating fish and dairy products while pregnant or breastfeeding can help to reduce the risk for child to develop allergies later in life. Researchers based their hypothesis on the fact that children growing up in farms rarely have allergies. Researchers looked at the diets of children and their mothers, who live on farms.

A total of 65 children were included in the study form one area in Sweden. From these children, 28 lived on farms, while the other 37 were a control group and lived in the same area, but not on farms. Assessments were made for existing allergies and conditions like asthma, hay fever and eczema. The research showed, that by the age of 3 years only one of 28 children living on the farm had allergy, but in the control group 10 of 37 children had allergy.

When looking at their diets, researcher found that there is a strong link between consuming fish and not having an allergy. The results were shocking, because having fish in the diet is not directly linked to living in the farm. Children with no allergies had higher rates of omega-3 fatty acid in their blood at birth and at 4 moths. That is linked to mother having a lot of fish during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. There was also a link between children having seafood in the first year of life and lower risk of allergy.

The link between dairy consumption was less significant, but still existent. Mothers and children living on farms consumed more high-fat dairy products both during pregnancy, breast feeding and later gave these products to the children in their first year of life. Mothers in the control group consumed more margarine. It turned out, that children in control group had a higher risk of allergy.

In the research done, it was also noted that introducing fish and eggs in child´s diet in the first 11 months reduces the risk of developing allergies.

Although this study includes a small amount of participants, it still falls in line with the previous studies carried out. Farm living has a huge benefit to child´s health.

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