Horseradish: Top 6 Awesome Benefits You Get From Eating It

Horseradish can be quite the assault on the sinuses…

They smell and taste super spicy and powerful…

Some people can’t get enough of them…

Here’s why you should eating more of it, whether you’re a major lover of the food, or even if you hate it with every bit of your being….

#1 Helps “Cancel” Cancer

Due to the super strong oils and antioxidants that horseradishes contain, eating these white roots can help reduce the risks of developing colorectal and lung cancer. Most importantly, these special little buggers help rid the body of nasty carcinogens and toxins, and also can prevent the development of cancerous tumors…

#2 Naturally Fights Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections

Horseradishes contain TONS of antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes them the perfect candidate for naturally treating bacterial and viral infections naturally. Surprisingly, the root also contains anti-fungal properties that can help treat and fight off most kinds of fungal infections too.

#3 Fights Things Like Sinusitis

It is no surprise that the spicy root’s potent aroma has the ability to clear sinuses. In fact, swallowing the juice extracted from horseradishes with a little bit of wine vinegar mixed in can actually treat sinusitis naturally. Therefore, the next time your nasal ways feel a little stuffed up head to the kitchen for some spicy natural relief instead of heading to the drugstore for a decongestant that could cause side effects.

#4 Fights Achy Body Parts

Suffering from achy muscles and pains within your body, or suffering from a terrible headache? If so horseradishes contain a natural substance in them that helps provide natural pain relief. Even combining the oil from horseradish in some massage oil and massaging it into your achy body can help provide immediate warming relief similar to a heating pad. Just be careful not to add too much horseradish oil to the massage oil because it could burn the skin.

#5 Fights Bad Cells

Every day, our body is fighting to keep damaging free radical cells away so cancers, diseases and illnesses do not occur. Adding horseradishes to your daily diet can greatly help in the fight against those free radical cells. The spicy root even contains vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient necessary by the body to keep you youthful and beautiful, and your immune system healthy and strong so you can feel your best all the time.

#6 Heals The Urinary Tract

If you’ve ever suffered from urinary tract infection, you know it really is terrible, especially if you have to deal with time after time… Well, adding horseradishes to your diet will be one of the most awesome things you’ve ever done! The can help treat, fight, and prevent them from happening naturally.

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