From 2 Weeks Left To Live to FULL Remission…At CHIPSA Hospital!

From 2 Weeks To Live to FULL Remission!!  ...    Watch Tom heal before your own eyes at CHIPSA Hospital!                  

We receive a lot of requests for success stories from treatment in Mexico. People ask if there is anything documenting visits until they are in full remission. Even though the fight is not over, full remission is something that we can all be proud of!This is a beautiful story of one of the patients at CHIPSA. 

Thank you Tom for being such an inspiration for all and being dedicated to paying it forward with your story!!

For more information about Chipsa Hospital, please  go to

P.S. They  started working on a documentary of "terminal" patients that have come to CHIPSA and are alive after 5 years... They have 74 with Melanoma alone and many of them are 10+ years!!

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