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3 Incredible Ways To Prevent Cervical Cancer in The Body

4 Incredible Ways To Prevent Cervical Cancer in The Body

Cancer is a monster, a monster that must be destroyed, but until it is eradicated, it poses an enormous threat to each and every one of us. While all forms of cancer are deadly (such as breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, pancreas cancer and others) many pose a threat to only a single gender, two examples of this is prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women. The reason being the genitalia that each gender has. It’s gained some popularity in recent years, thanks to the surge of HPV vaccine advertisements, seeing as if a female had HPV, she was therefore more likely to develop cervical cancer.

There are many, many things one can do in order to lower the risk of getting cervical cancer that we’ve decided to take on the job of showcasing just a few of them today. Let’s get started…

Number #1: Choose A Low Glycemic Diet
Choosing a low glycemic diet is a good idea for multiple reasons, we’ll discuss those in a moment but first let’s talk about what a low glycemic diet is… It is a diet based on non-starchy vegetables, fruits, lean meats, dairy, legumes and also nuts. The reason for these foods being included is because they all are broken down by our digestive system SLOWER than other foods, which helps your body stop blood sugar and insulin spikes from happening.These insulin spikes, or IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) have shown to be linked tumor growth.

Number #2: Avoid Excessive Protein
Now look, protein is an amazing thing and is definitely 100% necessary for muscle growth and development, as well as other important functions within the body. Although, if you’re diet is TOO HIGH in protein, then a chemical that’s produced inside the pancreas called pancreatin is called in to take care of digesting the extra protein, the problem with this though, is that pancreatin main purpose is to fight and stop the growth of cancer cells… So, by eating that extra protein, you now have removed one of the body’s best natural defense mechanism against cancer, which can obviously lead to many nasty problems in the future, no matter what, it’s usually something to avoid at all costs.

Number #3: Increase Your Consumption of Certain Fruits and Nuts
In a world of junk foods and mediocre, overhyped “superfoods,” fruits and nuts still continue to shine through as some of the true heavy hitters in the food world, especially these food superstars… I’m talking about raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates, blackberries, pecans and walnuts. ALL of which are super-rich in a little tiny chemical called ellagic acid. This amazing acid is here for a reason, containing a bunch of anti-cancer, seeing as it’s so effective, it’s shock that more people don’t know about it. According to one particular piece of published research, it has even been shown to cause death in cervical cancer cells in astounding 72 hours or less. What’s even better is that all of those fruits and nuts I mentioned earlier, not only taste great, but also provide a huge cancer-fighting boost.


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